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Pre-gelatinized wheat starch

Name:Pre-gelatinized wheat starch
Details :

Mainly used in food, paper, oil drilling and other industries.

Main application:

1、Composite board adhesive

Pre-gelatinized starch has good stability of cold water and viscoelasticity.  It can be used to replace flour and properly match with raw starch, which can obviously reduce cost and improve profit margin.

2、Feed binders

The main raw materials of feed-grade pre-gelatinized starch are high-quality tapioca starch, potato starch and corn starch, which are pure natural green products without any additives.It is suitable for feed of poultry, livestock (chickens, ducks, pigs, cattle, etc.) and carnivorous fish (freshwater fish, seawater fish, soft-shelled fish, eel, prawns, etc.),with mild taste, soluble in cold water, strong viscoelastic, good dispersibility and low coagulation.As a binder of other pellet feed, the feed made by mixing with fish meal, yeast and various fish feed additives and adding water, has strong viscosity and elasticity, and can be kept in water for a long time (16-20 hours); the feed has mild taste, non-toxic, digestible, nutrition, transparency, good formability, which can reduce the picky eating habit of animals and improve the utilization rate of feed.As a special aquatic feed binder, it has strong viscosity and elasticity, good water absorption and swelling, and is suitable for shrimp, eel, turtle and other special aquaculture.

3、Briquette binder

As a briquette binder, it has excellent adhesion, small addition, high molding rate, high strength (increase compressive strength, drop strength), no heavy metals, no reduction in the quality and calorific value of various raw coal, suitable for all kinds of raw coal, and has combustion-supporting effect, simple use, combustibility, full combustion, no increase any ash, no sulfur, no harmful gas after burning, no pollution to the environment. Strong adhesion and good molding effect can significantly improve the quality and yield of briquette.

4、Putty powder adhesive

Pregelatinized starch in putty powder mainly used as adhesive,can  prevent powder removal, enhances the film forming ability of putty, improves the adhesion between putty and base layer, and improves the workability of putty.Pre-gelatinized corn starch is characterized by low viscosity and high strength and is especially suitable for building putty powder.In addition, in the construction industry,the pre-gelatinized starch can also be used for insulation mortar, tile bonding, construction mortar, etc.

5、Oil field auxiliaries

Pregelatinized starch is soluble, viscous, high temperature resistant and low cost. It can be used as mud filtrate reducer in oil drilling to reduce the permeability of mud cake, stabilize well wall, prevent sticking and non-blocking oil and gas.

6、Food additives

Food grade pre gelatinized starch has good water solubility and cold water solubility. Soluble in water, thickening solution, strong adhesive, suspension and glue stability. It has the characteristics of good film formation, high water retention, great adhesion and strong thixotropy.In the food industry, it can be used to save heat treatment and require thickening and type preserving, improve pastry quality and stabilize the internal structure of frozen food.It is mainly used in making soft pudding, gravy stuffing, pulp, dehydrated soup, seasoning agent and juice soft sweets.

7、additives for paper products

Used in paper industry as paper sizing agent, paper filling agent, water transfer printing, can improve paper dry, wet strength, tear strength, etc.

8、Other application

Mineral processing auxiliaries

Textile printing and dyeing sizing agent, finishing agent

In the coating,used as anti-sediment agent, emulsion dispersant, suspension agent, stabilizer, film formation agent, leveling agent, thickening agent and adhesive

Detergents resist (prevent) reprecipitation

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